Dr Bednarski - Psychologist - Counseling - Physician Remediation - Organizational Consulting
A Unique Approach
        No two people are alike. What works for one person may not work for another. The same is true for counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy. There is no one approach that meets the needs of everyone. While many of the symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger and hopelessness may feel similar to most people, the unique learning experiences, personal qualities, and conflicts from which difficulties can arise are always different from one person to another.  Recognizing these differences can have a significant impact on the length and quality of your treatment and its immediate impact on your life, work, and relationships.
        My approach to helping clients starts with the recognition that every person and every situation are unique and that each of us has a strong inner capacity for change, even when we feel the lack of motivation and energy to do so. There is strength and a drive for wholeness in everyone that, when illuminated in therapy, can be a powerful self-motivating force that can quickly lead to transformation and feelings of well-being.  
        Helping people through troubled times means recognizing that everyone has strengths and a drive towards health that sometimes is overtaken by extreme circumstances, chronic stress, or learned habits. Too often mental health professionals treat only the symptoms of depression or anxiety and not the underlying causes that, once recognized, can put you on a path towards health and feelings of well-being much sooner than conventional treatments.
        Thoughtful and collaborative conversations with an attentive and engaging psychologist that takes into account your many strengths and concerns can bring back the resourcefulness you once felt in life, work, and relationships. Once you learn the simple techniques I use to bring about change in your life, you will use them over and over again to confront any of the many challenges life will throw your way.